The Mutants are Coming!

I have been given the green light from my cover artists, and it looks AMAZING! I am currently in the works of creating a cover release date, and getting the finals of a BOOK release date set in stone. I think I now have all of the pieces to the publishing puzzle in place.


As a quick sneak-peek, here is the back-cover text for my newest book, The Mutant Frequency:

Jackson and Lacey are mutants. They weren’t born, they were created in a lab. The world outside doesn’t know that they even exist, and corporations like Centratek want it that way. The Corps want to keep their trained and specialized properties locked away to sell to the highest bidder.

That is, until Jackson uses his illusion abilities to escape, and Lacey reaches out with her mind to find him. This sets a series of events in motion where Centratek must covertly do all they can to pluck Jackson and Lacey from the wild and return them — dead or alive — to the confines of the labs where they were created.

Chased by a trained hunter and a ten-year-old mutant named Sniff, Jackson and Lacey flee across the USA, encountering other freed mutants, and learning to hide in plain sight. What they don’t know might kill them, and their unwitting escape is the perfect dry kindling to spark a mutant/human war.

Let me know what you think in the comments below, and spread the news…


The Mutants are coming, May of 2019!!