The Mutant Frequency cover art is here!

After a much-anticipated wait, I have approval from the artists, and everything is done. I introduced it during the release event this morning (you should have followed the Facebook event, if this is the first you are seeing of the cover).

Introducing Jackson and Lacey in their digital art forms.

I am super-excited about this, and I am looking forward to getting this book out for everyone to read. I know many of you have asked when I would be releasing a new novel, and wondering what I’ve been doing for the past year. Well, this is it.

The novel is available for pre-order at Amazon ( ) as of 8am this morning. You can sign up to buy a copy now. Or, if you want to take a gamble like Lacey (you’ll get that reference when you read the book), you can sign up for your chance HERE.

Which ever way you go, you’re sure to win.