Diving back in

The next week for me is going to be insanity personified. I’ve reserved the next two days to lock myself into my room and make final Beta-Reader adjustments to the plotline of The Mutant Frequency and get everything ready for the release. I have to have everything to Amazon by Sunday so that it can be released properly on May 4th.

Today, I feel frazzled. I’ve spent the past two days working on advertising and promotions, trying to spend as little as earthly possible, but still get the word out. That means I’ve had to turn some deals. I’ve arranged with other authors to cross-promote certain works (keep an eye out for THEIR news and giveaways in my newsletters!!!) and other freebies and features for you, my readers. Unfortunately, right now in this moment — since none of these events have happened yet — I am not seeing a single shred of evidence that it is working. This is the part of publishing I hate. I wish I could be just the guy who tells a great story and hand it off to a qualified team of publishing and promotional experts.

Then reality sets in. Unless you are at the level of J.K. or King, you don’t get that option. Heck, even if you are J.K. or King, you still probably don’t get that option. There is just so much to do in this field.

So, now what? I dig in, turn off Facebook, Amazon, Draft2Digital, and all the various other random distractions and just write. Tomorrow isn’t about promotions, deals, agreements, and other authors. The next two days are going to be about the story and only this specific story. I will polish this one to make it shine. I’ll listen to my computer read back every. single. word. Remove every misspelling I can pin down, and make some edits to the plot to make it as compelling as possible.

After all, what else can I do? I could give in to the pressure, but what would that solve? Sure, I have to pay for the website and other pending expenses in six months. I could focus on the near-negative bank account, but how will that put money back into it? Nope… the only course of action at this point is forward. The only thing that will turn all of that around is a series of well-written, compelling, fantastic stories.

So that’s what I have to produce.

You may think I’m being pushy about this new series. If so, I do apologize. I’m not trying to be a cheezy salesman. Instead, I hope to find a balance of promotion and personality. I want to convey to you that I have something fresh, new and exciting. It’s going to be awesome. But I also want you to hear who I am and the reality of self-publishing.

So, before I dive into the depths of insanity in these last two weeks before publication, let me pause one more moment to preemptively say “Thank you.”

Thank you for bearing with the constant posts on the new book. I promise I’ll find that balance soon. Thank you for following my blog and posts and for the thumbs-up, smiles and likes. Thank you for sticking with me as I get back into the game for this new series. So much has changed in just a year or two in this market. Thank you for supporting me and cheering me on. You have NO IDEA how much I delight in hearing from you. Little messages, comments and FB links from my readers inspire me for weeks on end. Thank you for giving my new works a chance!!

Now, as I go into my room to start these pieces, say a prayer over me. I could use some sanity, clarity and focus to make sure this is exactly what it needs to be while I strive to hit the last and final deadline of the publishing process. I’m diving in.




Ps… Just a few more days left on the giveaway. Get your name in!