Off it goes to the shelves… ready or not.

Well… it’s official. The Mutant Frequency is going live on May 4… whether I want it to or not.

I’ve scrubbed the format. Made all the changes I can right up until the deadline. This is my favorite book so far, with clean copy, great formatting and cover art that makes me very happy. I even put in a few suggested changes from my beta team. ( Sorry, Tammy, I can’t make your change. It would ruin the entire purpose of having a series! 😉 ) I’ve even set up promotions and other material for next week.

All that’s left now is to wait.

My mind spins to “what if this is a dud?” or “will people really like it?” “will they buy it?” “what if people hate it??? Then what?”

No matter how much my writer’s brain taunts me with these thoughts, as I sit here, my last uploaded file is being processed by the servers. It will be printed and delivered on release day to those who pre-ordered their copy. Was that you? I hope so. If not… there’s still time.

I uploaded the last of the edits that people have caught tonight, and there is nothing else I can do.  If you were on my beta team, thank you. Once you’ve left a review and sent me your physical home address, you’ll be receiving your autographed copy of the final product in the mail. I honestly could not do this without you guys.

If you weren’t on my beta team — but want to be — drop me a line. When the second book comes out (soon!), I’ll put you on the list to be considered. I need people who are willing to help me spot bugs in the writing, and who aren’t afraid to tell others that I exist as a writer and leave a review (good or bad!!)

Did you sign up to win your free copy? You can sign-up here. The drawing is THIS WEEKEND, so hurry and get your name in. 

Thank you all again for supporting me in this endeavor. I am excited to show you where this story goes, and to share these characters with you. Tell your friends about me, please. Then hang on tight, and keep watching.

There is so much more to come.