My Summer Reading List

I’ve picked up quite a selection of e-books in the past few weeks. Mainly because I’m reading the work of some other indie authors, and I want to see how other authors are doing things. How they phrase certain situations. How they build a character or an entire world. All of that is wildly fascinating to me. Oh, and their story. You can’t forget the story.

As a part of several giveaways in the coming months, I’ve had opportunity to see several different authors works, and pick up a few for myself. Note that you can pick these up, too!! I’m posting them in my newsletter. Sign-up for my newsletter to see the lists.

On that note, here are 5 novels, short-stories and previews that have captured my imagination and I think I’ll give them a shot this summer. No, these guys (and gals??) didn’t pay me or ask me to promote them. I’m listing these here because I think they are worth the chance to investigate, and their presentation is awesome.


Cover Title Author My notes
Wolves: I Bring the Fire C. Gockel The cover looks very interesting. The “promotional quotes” at the bottom of his page tell me that this person has an AWESOME sense of humor, and I always love some good Norse mythology… even with a twist.

Not sure how silly this book will be, but it has my interest.

Rise of a Sky Pirate L.L. McNeil This has all of the makings for a great steampunk/magic story. It bends so many different elements together (magic, pirates, dragons) that I wonder how it could be done… yet the description gives me clues that the author has done a great job at blending these worlds together.
Bad Magic C. Gockel A whole SERIES of books from C. Gockel again. This sparks my “paranormal” chord, and I wonder how well the author can pull it off. If it is good, I have a full series of seven novels to read… SCORE. If not, then… I’ll let you know.
The Clock Strikes Sean Cunningham This is a novella (very short novel). In contrast to the glut of words from Bad Magic, above, this may seem short. However, the cover is PHENOMENAL, and it is a story that is set in a victorian setting… something that reminds me of my favorite steampunk characters. I’m highly intrigued.
Rise of the Ameedis R.A. Lindo I must have been in a victorian/steampunk mood when I flipped through all of the various books I’ve downloaded recently. This is the third (of five) that has the steampunk/victorian vibe. This book is a prequel (most likely a novella, although that is not called out specifically in the description), but gives me the most serious “MUST READ” vibes mixed with victorian magic warm fuzzies.

Okay… so there you have it! My top 5 reads for the summer, based on my most recent downloads.

Leave a comment below and tell me what books have made YOUR summer reading lists.


Cover image by mendhak