Happy New Year

2020 is here

It has been a full six months since I sent out my last newsletter so I thought I’d update you on my progress. Again, I promise not to fill your inbox with junk… but people have asked about the next release already. Where is it? Well… keep reading, my friends.

2019 in Review

This past year was a challenge. First, there was the release of The Mutant Frequency. I worked on it and polished it to a golden shine, then submitted it for a writing competition. I had no reasonable hope of winning, but I was incredibly interested in getting some professional critique and feedback. The kicker was, I won!

With that boost to my ego, I picked up with renewed vigor on the second in the series, pushed on into advertising and publication of the novel, cover art, etc. It was a whirlwind.

Then came June. I tried to keep up with everything, but my writing came to a grinding halt. For about 5 months, my wife and I invited a friend that was going through some rough times to come stay with us. He stayed in my office, so my writing space and time were greatly diminished, and I found getting back into the groove almost painful after the big marketing push of the summer, and not having a place to sit and write took more of a toll on my writing than I thought it would.

Then came November. I was able to sit down and really focus, putting out over 30K words in just two weeks. The words I got out are rough, and still need a fine editor’s touch, but I really like where the story is going. We are seeing a little from Jackson and Lacey, but we are getting even more into the lives and motivations of mutant-kind… both the good and the bad.

Back in the real world, I am not just working on the next novel, but I am making connections. The same group that did the cover art have agreed to do my next round, which makes me very happy. Keep an eye out for more on that.

There is so much going on right now, it’s difficult to quantify and put into words, but I think you’ll find the next installment just as engaging as the first. So, keep watching. So much more to come.

2019 started with a bang, and quickly exploded into more than I could handle, both personally and professionally. And now, I am looking into the new year — a little behind schedule, but still feeling encouraged, blessed and ready to tackle whatever may come.

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No strings. No bull. Just my way of saying HAPPY NEW YEAR!



Cover picture used with permission from https://flic.kr/p/ahkHU8