Fort Reiley

New, from Best-Selling author, Jerry Hanel.

Harrison Kass, a tabloid reporter, travels to a sleepy little town in western Oklahoma to dig up an amazing legend. Well, quotes about one, anyway. What he finds is more than he bargains for. Adam Moor, the town patriarch, has a secret. All of Harry’s prying dislodges the secret and Adam vows to convert Harry into a Citizen – a parasitic infection that will take over his mind and body. Tara Roberts, the local vet, isn’t what she seems. She comes to Harry’s rescue and helps him survive infection. Together they must find the only man on record who knows how to free Harry from his condition before he succumbs to the Turning and becomes another of Adam’s mindless minions.


Why is everyone giving Fort Reiley 5 stars?


Everywhere Else: Read it and find out!



The two main characters were very solid, and I loved their chemistry. I loved the villain, and the atmosphere created.

The plot is complex and intriguing, and the characters have depth and interest. The story is one that will keep you reading. …  To me, the book was reminiscent of a Ted Dekker thriller with spiritual underpinnings.

Takes off like a freight train. I enjoyed Fort Reiley … Great read.