The Brodie Wade Series

Brodie Wade has many aspects to his personality. He’s shy and quirky, and can see and hear things which others do not. He’s fairly certain, most days, that he is quite sane. However, the courts and institutions in his life have labeled him as schizophrenic.

But that doesn’t keep him down. With the help of his friend, Detective Phil Dawson, he has made several connections with local police departments and turned his extra senses into a full time career as a Paranormal Investigator.

That’s not to say he investigates paranormal events. No, he lives those. He investigates crimes and cold cases, finding answers where most people don’t even dare to look

Join his adventures as he takes on the Angel of Death face-to-face, a demon’s curse called Thaloc, and the diabolical leader of a pack of werewolves.

Death Has a Name

Thaloc Has a Body

The Truth Has Teeth