Death Has a Name


The first book in The Brodie Wade Series, from Best-Selling author, Jerry Hanel.

There is a Truth that exists. It is active. Alive. It fights the bounds of reality to make itself known. It’s not my truth. It’s not anyone’s truth. It is The Truth.

There are times when select individuals can see and interact with The Truth, but Brodie Wade has been able to interact with it since he was a child. It has scarred his mind and body, but it also gives him the ability to know things that he shouldn’t know. Thus, he has taken employment as a psychic detective.

Working together with Detective Phil Dawson, Brodie must summon all of his will to go head-to-head with The Truth to solve the latest string of murders. It appears that Dominick Fredrickton — the Midnight Killer — has returned from the grave, beheading the unfortunate few that get in his way.

When The Truth confronts Brodie and tells him that he must protect the Third Key, Brodie must discover what – or who – The Third Key is.

Can Brodie stop Death from obtaining the Third Key and regaining his physical form?


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Praise for Death Has a Name

Do you love characters that grab a hold of your heart and won’t let go? How about paranormal mysteries? Want a dash of romance and true friendship on top? Then you really need to read The Brodie Wade series.
–Keryl Raist, author of Sylvianna


Looking for a book that’s difficult to put down? This is it! This was a great read!

If you like the paranormal, and you like fast-paced thrillers, this is the book for you.

I had a lot of trouble putting this down. I began taking my kindle with me everywhere. If you like Dean Koontz, you will like this.
–K. Secinaro