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My Summer Reading List

I’ve picked up quite a selection of e-books in the past few weeks. Mainly because I’m reading the work of some other indie authors, and I want to see how other authors are doing things. How they phrase certain situations. How they build a character or an entire world. All of that is wildly fascinating to me. Oh, and their story. You can’t forget the story. As a part of several giveaways in the coming months, I’ve had opportunity to

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Are you willing to be wrong?

  Bingo! He nails it on the head. Okay, I know what you’re thinking… “But Jerry, schools don’t kill creativity. You’re a big proponent of schools and education.” Yes. I am. 100% correct. But the root of what he’s saying is still true, and something that schools DO need to consider, especially in regards to national testing processes. What about you? Are you WILLING to be wrong? Whether from schools, or overbearing parents, or bullies, or a misguided teacher, pastor

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So, if you’ve been looking for over the past year, you’ve probably not been able to find it. Well, me either. My web provider was hacked, and everything deleted. I was able to verify that none of my data was taken. All of my data was stored in encrypted databases. However, the hosting company had to clear everything to prevent the spread. So they did. Everything. All user databases, files, links, logs, articles, posts, ideas, and email lists. Gone.

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