Public Speaking

Are you looking for an Indie perspective for your writers’ club or author training event? If so, let me know. I am a member of OWFI, and I have been writing for over 15 years. With two series under way, I may not know everything, but I’ve learned my fair share. From distributing through Amazon, to “going wide”, there are pros and cons to each, and I would love to share my perspectives on them. I know what it takes to make work that sells — mostly by doing it wrong at first, then getting it right later. It is this kind of “learning by bruises” which I hope to help others avoid.

I am passionate about helping others succeed, and I would be honored to give my perspective at your next speaking engagement.

If you have questions, or for booking information, please write me at, or enter your information below.

Thank you.



Cover image by Neville Wootton