Photo by Véronique Debord-Lazaro

Who am I?

Talk about one heck of a question. We all ask this of ourselves once in a while.

My Name is Jerry Hanel. I am an author living in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I’m quirky and a bit crazy, but I love who God is sculpting me to be. I have written two books and one novella (a long-ish Short Story) in one series. I’ve created another stand-alone zombie thriller that crosses between the paranormal and science fiction. And most recently, I’ve started a new sci-fi series. You can find out about all of those in my Books page.

I’m a long-standing member of the CrossRoads Writer’s group, in Tulsa Oklahoma. I’ve been working with these great folks for over 15 years now (wow, how time flies!!), and they are some of the best people. I’m also a member of OWFI, and a public speaker who is passionate about helping others be successful independent authors.

I’m married to a beautiful woman from Nova Scotia (that’s in Canada, for those that don’t know… Inside joke. Ask me about it some time.) She supports this crazy dream of mine to write thoughts from my head on paper and I adore her so much for that.

I have a dog. His name is Charlie, and he’s a hound-mix of some variety or other. He adopted us as his owners in the spring of 2013, and we love him to pieces.




And then there’s Steve. I wanted to name him Shamu, but my wife thought it would be an insult to the poor little thing… so Steve it is.




If you want to contact me and leave me a message, please do!

Cover Photo by Véronique Debord-Lazaro